Earth Mama | “mom”

My Health & Wellness Career began in 2010 when I studied and worked as a Licenced Vocational Nurse.  Breath and movement had a powerful influence on my life as well as in the healing journey of my Daughter Khloe who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the young age of 12 months. With curiosity of the healing potential of yoga I decided to attended my first 200hr Yoga Teacher Training through Corepower. While exploring new experiences as a Registered Yoga Instructor I found my voice within the  community and began Teaching yoga full-time. Full time yoga soon grew into a sustainable Private Practice offering 1-1 yoga sessions for students  seeking  more growth, healing and deeper connection to self. These one on one sessions were powerful in assisting students with many different ailments +  DIS EASE.  With a thirst for knowledge I wanted to deepen my teachings and studies in yoga. Currently I am studying  as a Yoga Therapist at Loyola Marymount University and am confident this will help me integrate my passion for  nursing, yoga + many holistic healing modalities.

As a mother to 3  | s t e l l a r | humans I know how real life can be as well as  how challenging societys pressures can seem. Understanding that BALANCE is not a one size fits all.

The King Dude | "King"

Meet Kingston James Foote ( I swore I wasn't going to call him King because Kingston is Such a great name, but I do, as he is the King in a house of Woman) He is my favorite male on the planet + well beyond his years. He swears he was Bruce Lee in a past life and I might believe it with ninja skills like his. His role as a big brother is my favorite. He is patient, compassionate + strong. He is a straight O student and his favorite subjects are Math + recess + 100 mile club. He trains 4 days a week in Kempo + is the youngest kid on the traveling Demo team. He decided next year he wants to focus on exploring new sports + activities such as soccer, baseball, acting + singing.  He has recently discovered his vocal cords and dreams of going on the Voice. when he grows up he wants to be an engineer, actor + producer.

Kingston James stay Conscious + Curious

The Tender Warrior | "Koko babe"  

Meet Khloe Faith Thurman. This little one came fighting hard to get here. She is our warrior.  We were quite surprised at 24 weeks to get the exciting news that I was carrying a twin pregnancy. However following that came some challenging news of the girls having TTTS. (twin to twin Transfusion) Our case was a stage 3 of 4 meaning there was only 50% chance the doctor would be able to save both babies. We meet the amazing Dr. Chmait of USC and he preformed a  Laparoscopic procedure entering  into the placenta via laser and cauterized all the connecting bloodvessels allowing them to start getting a better exchange of blood flow  + oxegen.  The procedure went amazing and at 37 weeks of pregnancy we finally got to meet our Miracle babes. Khloe was Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 12 months and that began our journey into Physical, speech + occupational therapy. Khloe has never let her "diagnosis" hold her back from anything. She loves her time at therapy and works hard to achieve tasks that come more naturally to others. She loves karate, dance, hiking, jumping on the trampoline and swimming! She lights up every room she walks into + will prob grow up to be a comedian.

Khloe Faith Stay Tough + Tender

The Great Explorer | "Baby T "

Meet Teagan Hope Thurman, The baby of the family by 2 minutes.  The adventure life runs deep in her soul. Teagan learned how to climb before she ever learned to walk and has not stopped trying to find the highest tree yet. She chases after her brother every day trying to keep up with him in everything he does. Her intensity and drive to be great at all things is going to bring her much success in the future. She pushes Koko to be stronger than the day before and calls herself "Khloe's #1 fan". She is fiercely independent but will wake up early every morning to be the first one in my bed for a special 1 on 1 cuddle sesh. Teagan is the one who loves to wander + explore, she dances her way through life. She is deeply connected to animals and might even like them more than people.  I see so much of myself in this little human and and so grateful to be her mother  + mentor . She reminds us  to sing louder, explore further, and love deeper! I can picture her traveling the world and saving endangered animals.

Teagan Hope stay Fierce + Free